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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Mow Money Lawn Care, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Mow Money Lawn Care

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    I need something to go off of here: I have approximately a half an acre lawn that I will aerate and overseed. A 25# bag of seed will cost $56. First of all, can you help me determine approximately how much seed to use (4-5lbs per 1,000sqf?), then what would you charge to overseed half an acre?
  2. Lawnappmo

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    $56 dollars for a 25 lbs in St Louis is very high. You won't be able to be competitive for the market at those prices. Well to make money at least.
  3. Mow Money Lawn Care

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    I thought it was high also and it was very confusing. That is according to the website of a local supply warehouse. It is ontractor pricing also. How much are you paying for 25 and 50# bags of a fescue mix?
  4. JMK26

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    Half an acre for aerating and seeding....My price is $225 for aerating and then another $225 for overseeding.
  5. Mow Money Lawn Care

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    Thanks for sharing that. Since I am new to this service, I do not want to price too high or too low. Years ago, an aeration company was charging $30 for 1/4 acre, I knew some others were around $65. However, I had no clue what they were charging to overseed. For aeration, I will likely be between $75-$90 for 1/4 acre, and $115-$135 for half an acre. I found seed for $68 for 50# bag online. According to the math I did, I should use about 87 lbs? (Half acre = 21,780sq.ft) 21.78 x 4 (using 4-lbs per 1,000sq.ft) =87.12lbs of seed. I don't see how I can sell overseeding if the cost of seed will be so high.
  6. Mitty87

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    Companies doing it cheap where you can't see how they can make money, either getting bulk pricing or not throwing down as much seed as you would?
  7. jah

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    Find another supplier. I am a homeowner and just paid $100 for a 50lb bag of blue tag, high quality tall fescue blend. I once got the contractor price for hard fescue by accident from the same supplier and it was like 50% off retail!
  8. Lawnappmo

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    Not knowing thier cost. Skimping on the seed is the easiest way. Homeowner sees some seed so they think it was done correctly.

    I Have a yard to start on soon that I am walking the whole yard and spraying all the wide blade crap fescue a contractor put in last year. He thought he was saving money by buying a cheap seed. Good thing he didn't put it down heavy. It was the wrong seed for this yard.
  9. RigglePLC

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    Not sure. Use your usual aeration price--say $10 per thousand sqft. ($200).
    Add the seed $56 times 4 is $224, (100 lbs of seed). Add labor to spread the seed at $2 per minute, around $60. Establish your reputation as a high price--high quality company. Show him the seed catalog or brochure and the seed tag, (90 percent germination, under 1 percent weeds, no annual rye, no Boreal, no K-31, disease resistant)
    My suggestions: Start out by explaining a premium plan to the customer. Double aeration, higher quality and more seed--let him talk you down to, "What ordinary companies do", single aeration and medium-quality seed at only 4 lbs per thou. This has the advantage of your saying, "We can't guarantee what will happen if you go with the cheap stuff, or single aeration. "
    This is salesman's talk--for no guarantee--no free call backs. Saves you money and reduces risk.
    If he wants to save 50 percent on the labor--tell him you can send one of the younger guys, --"He is good--but only a year's experience. This is what the cheap companies do."

    Be sure to include starter fert. Material and labor.
    Also, increase your price by about $30--then offer a $30 discount if he can show you a water bill of around $300.
    Better to insist on the check when the job is half finished. Send him the rebate after you get a copy of his water bill.
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  10. Mow Money Lawn Care

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    I will certainly create options for seed. I initially thought I would just spread the seed that I recommend and the seed I could find at the best price. I definitely want a reputable, top quality seed to offer. Does anyone have brands and mixes to recommend? Something for shade, sun and both sun/shade mix.

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