Overseeding Pricing Help

Joana Williams

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New York
Hello All,

I have approx. 3k sqft worth of grass to overseed.

I was wondering what you guys charge?

I get a Sun & Shade Mixture for:
10lb: $27.33
50lb: $108.64

I would roughly put down 4-5lb per 1k sqft.



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You take 27.33 and divide it by 10
$108.64 and divide it by 50.

That's what you're paying per pound. Add an upcharge to those prices for labor involved.

Take 5 (your 5 lbs per 1K) and multiply it by 3 (Three 1k's)...so then you have 15 LBs. Then you take that 15 lbs and multiply it by the per pound price you came up with (after your upcharge)

There's your price.