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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Robert Burnham, Sep 19, 2001.

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    I have been approched by a motel manager that has approx. an acre of damaged hydroseeded grass that wants it repaired. The existing grass is burnt up and full of weeds due to the fact that no irrigation was installed at first, now a sprinkler system is in place. Should I weed spray the area first, then attempt to overseed it after 10 days or try overseeding without the spray first? Do you think its too late to attempt a overseed, I was just approched today. We are running out of time here in Colo., winter is coming fast. Any help from out there is appreciated. I have a Ryan Mataway overseeder as well as an Befco greenrite for your info. thanks in advance
  2. Rodney Johns

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    First of all.
    Glad you are getting good contracts Bob
    I would suggest just seeding like crazy and worrying about your weeds later, unless there is more than 50% of the yard covered with weeds. In many cases that is kind of your bench mark. After 50% often times a burndown with Roundup and start over method works best. Every case is different but I would suggest at least 14-21 days between any broadleaf treatments and seedings. With Roundup you can seed the next day with no effects.
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    Rodney is correct that it would probably be the most beneficial if you could use Round-Up Pro on the area prior to seeding. You should also factor that you have probably run out of a safe time factor for the seeds to germinate prior to the winter freezes. If this is the case I would highly suggest to the mgr. that you wait until next spring to do so even though there may be some weed competition he will not be paying for dead seedlings.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Robert Burnham

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    Thanks for the replies, this really helps me out. Bob

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