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    We are new to the business. We're trying to get a foot in the door in a new neighborhood. Unfortunately, the grass that the builder's use is pretty bad. If we overseed in the Fall, should we try to keep the existing grass, or not? What's works for topdressing and what kind of equipment does everyone use for this? Thanks for your help.
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    That depends on the condition of the existing lawn and its compatibility with the new seed. If the current lawn is a mess, thin, full of broadleaf and undesirable grassy weeds, nuke it with glyphosate. Else just overseed. I like to use a slit seeder like the Ryan "Mataway" or Gandy walk behind.

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    I do lawns like this all the time. I soil test, seed, aera-vate, seed, fertilize and straw when needed. Make a very nice lawn if it is watered as instructed.
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    I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR!!

    Now, if we could only get the client to FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!!

    :D :p :(

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    Do you really seed twice? Once before you aera-vate and once after? What is the prupose of the two seedings?


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