Overseeding? Verticutter? Slit-Seeding? Slice Seeder?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by TriageLawn, Apr 5, 2012.

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    Can someone please tell me what all these terms mean? I have a good idea but let be sure before I recommend something to a customer.

    One more thing guys before I go. When preparing a bermuda spring lawn, do you aerarate and overseed? Or do you take it a step further by of you guys aerating, overseed and Slit-seeding? Let me know
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    OVERSEEDING is the process of seeding into / over and existing lawn. This is done by many methods. The most important part of overseeding is to get the seed into contact with the soil so it can germinate and grow. Some will will use an Aerator and go many passes to open up the soil real good the put down the seed and drag it in. The holes make excellent places for seed to germinate.

    Some folks will use a VERTICUTTER rather than an aerator. A verticutter is a machine that has cutting knifes on a high speed spinning reel to cut slices through the grass and into the soil to make a passage and place for the seed to fall into for germination.

    Best option is to use a Verticutter after you aerate and spread the seed. It will break up the cores and move seed / dirt to the low spots for germination.

    A SLICE SEEDER AND SLIT SEEDER (Are the same machine just diff names) is a Verticutter with a seed box attached so it applies seed as you Verticut.

    A POWER RAKE is like a Verticutter as it has a high speed reel. Usually a Power Rake will have break away swinging blades or spring blades. It is designed to tear up thatch and not cut into the soil. It will usually do a lot of damage to an existing plant. Especially blue grass.

    To stimulate a Burmuda grass lawn you can verticut on 3 inch spacing to cut the running rhizomes of the grass. Then fertilize and water the grass to get the grass to jump start and green up.

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    OOHH I see now..

    So the Verticutter just cuts SLITS in the soil but does not drop seed in the process?

    Is an OVERSEEDER the same as a Slit-Seeder? I made a mistake and asked about overseeding; I meant to ask if an overseeder is the same as a slit-seeder.

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    An Overseeder is a Verticut unit with a seed box attached dropping the seed at the same time.

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