Overseeding when you know irrigation may not be done

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Aug 5, 2009.

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    This question stems from my other thread.....how many of you guys overseed (either slit seeding or broadcasting) when you know full well the property owner/mgr will not probably water properly, but still want the seeding done?
    What is the difference in rate of survival of plants when good irrigation is done vs when not? Do you simply put in your agreement that the job is NOT guaranteed due to lack of irrigation? Just curious - I know some folks might be diligent in watering an overseeded yard BUT there has to be many, many more who do little irrigating or just depend on mother nature (no watering at all).

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    I would certinaly give NO warranty/gurantee if there's no working irrigation system present. Other than that, I'd just seed as usual for the lawn conditions and hope for moisture. I'd also put the non-irrigation ones back on the list for later in the fall. The cooler it is the better chance the seed will have on it's own. Depends on your weather though. If there's a wet spell coming that would be the best opportunity.
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    I never guaratee seeding anyways, but it almost always works well. If they want overseeding with only a sprinkler in the summertime, then overseed only the area that they can cover. Usually germinates and grows in between mowings, then do another patch.

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