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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by yann, May 14, 2002.

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    I want to learn more about overseeding bermuda and st. augustine with winter rye grass. I know the basics but I have some really nice properties that I want make look really green this next winter. Any links, books, or info would be great.
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    I saw this book in Landscape Mgt. May be of help.

    "Managing Bermudagrass Turf" by L.B. "Bert" McCarty, Clemson University and Grady Miller, University of Florida.

    website: www.sleepingbearpress.com

    good luck!

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    But, I have had some experience with the annual rye grass. I overseeded my own property, two of my residential properties, and two commercial properties this past year. We put down generous amounts of Rye, as it will grow almost anywhere it touches soil and is provided water. It provided a beautiful lawn for our home, and for the two commercial properties, but we were overseeding lawns that were thin to start with. Both of the residentials we did, came up patchy at best, due to thick bermuda grass and roots to contend with. It is also extremely hard to keep up with in the spring growing season, it needs to be mowed every 3-5 days to avoid becoming "stringy". If I do it again this year, I will aerate the bermuda lawns first, and probably distribute the seeds in several coats, after sprouts have emerged, to provide an even cover. I am going to seed my property with a fescue/annual rye combination this fall, to provide a more permanent lawn, that is easier to maintain. I have also used it for a friends remodel business, they needed quick grass for the house they renovated and were selling, and it came up very nicely, but will have to be sodded with bermuda soon......

    Hope this helps!!


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