Overseeding with Rye Grass

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by davislawncare, Aug 1, 2004.

  1. davislawncare

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    I currently manage about 35 accounts in my area, none of which are on contracts (doesnt go over well here). I am entertaining the idea of offering a program of overseeding with rye grass this fall to my clients who would be interested. This way, I will drum up some extra business along with my cleanups this winter. Just wondering if any of you guys do that and if you have had any success at it. Also, if yes, any tips or advice as to how to suggest it to the customer.......thanks in advance
  2. advantagelawn

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    Depends on how high end your accounts are I would say. I was in Buckhead, GA(atlanta) in February and noticed most everyone had overseeded their bermuda lawns and if they werent, there was not a weed in sight.
  3. Ryan Lightning

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    I over seed almost all my bermuda accounts. I charge extra for seed plus a little for time. I know some guys around here dont even charge for the seed, they just do it so theres grass to mow all winter. Plus they dont have to mow for a few weeks and still charge there monthly fee. Im talking about 1-3000 sqft lawns.
  4. Lakeside

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    is there any type of prep work that needs to be done? and, how late in the fall do you do it?
  5. 42homers

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    Don't do it too late or you'll be mowing it in the spring. I'd say no later than Oct. 15th but might even go a little earlier. There's a small window of opportunity to get it down, let it germinate, and see some results..............too early and it'll get burnt up.........too late and it might get too cool to germinate. It helps if it gets watered in good too.

    Good luck convincing your customers though........they'll say the same things mine have said. "That just means I have to pay you in the winter to cut grass"! "Why would I wanna do that"?

    Customers tend to think the grass "dies" in the winter......a lot of them are clueless.

    Good luck.
  6. Longstar

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    In the Dallas area we have to scalp the bermuda before we overseed rye grass. That's pretty much the only prep work there is.
    We try to get it done the first few weeks of October for the seed to germinate and be fully green by November.
  7. soccer911

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    Where do you get rye grass? how many bags per lawn?
  8. out4now

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    Out here Home Depot does but it is not of the highest quality, a local nursery will have it. Perrenial rye is better than italian annual, finer, greener, clumps less but is more expensive. We used to start dropping our decks down in September progressively getting shorter with each cut to lessen stress on the grass. Depending on outside temps we would then wait until 1st or 2nd week of Oct. usually so it would be hot enough not to mulch. Buy the seed check label for germination rate and make sure no noxious weeds, we pregerminated some years which means it was put into large rubberamid trash cans filled with water with an old fish tank bubbler stuck down in it. One year we didn't have this so we took a small hose off the air compressor drain valve and let it run into the bags in the cans for a couple of days. Remove water and spreed out seed on concrete with a broom, let dry just enough to not stick to our wax coated spreader and let 'er rip. Lay water until about 3-4 inches tall and mow, then put down first starter fertilizer application. Use pre-treated seed to combat pythum blight when doing it early. Nutra-Max fert. and Primmo-Max regulator.

    Pre-germ will get grass up in about 4-6 days rather than 7-12. If the root shows you waited too long to apply.
  9. MMLawn

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    NOW through about 10/15.

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