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    I have a customer that has requested overseeding. He plans to move in the fall so he wants to spruce up the yard.
    I know that fall is the best time to do this, but he wants it done.

    My question has to do with weeds. When I first looked at it the weeds were at an acceptable level, but now(two weeks later) the dandelions have spread and a few other broadleaf weeds. Should i concentrate on getting rid of the weeds first, Then overseeding later.

    any help would be appreciated.
  2. hookem

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    i would overseed then when the grass is a minimum of 2 inches you can treat the weeds. If you treat the weeds first then you have to wait a minimum of 3 weeks before you can reseed which would put you at the first of May.I think is too late for good germination and root development and the rest of the fight for water where you would most likely leave it up to the customer to water which you and I both know will not happen.
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    I have been overseeding for 13 years and I hate overseeding in the spring. If I have to I like to be done by 1 April. If you overseed now (10 April), by the time it comes up (assuming good rains) it will be May. The rule of thumb is spray after 4 mowings because the grass is a little tougher then. But this will put you into June or July. The heat and possible drought stress, plus weed competition on the young grass is enough, but I feel adding chemical at this time could be risky. I would tell your customer to use the summer to take care of weeds (and soil PH problems if necessary), and point out that a better lawn can be had by waiting til fall.
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    It is to late t seed around here but give the customer what he wants. heck you never know, it might make it.
    go lite on the stater fert,especialy if its already getting hot

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