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  1. Ramone

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    I need 2 know what are the steps 2 overseeding do i put topsoil down then seeds on top the topsoil and then top soil on top of the seeds . Any advice would be helpful
  2. Jack02

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    My friend I think the first rule of choosing grass seed is to buy the highest quality that you can find on the shelf. While it will be a bit more expensive than the others, you are getting the most recent technology in breeding for disease resistance and appearance for your money. It is these qualities that you want to introduce into your existing lawn by overseeding. For spring planting in the North choose a blend of perennial ryegrasses.
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    For a new area with no grass I add topsoil, grade it, spead seed going North and South, then again going East to West, rake it in, then spread it one more time North to South. Then tell the cust to water every morning for 14 days. If they do this it will look great in a few weeks.
  4. Ramone

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    Thanks for the reply. Do the same steps apply for patchy grass

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