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    I've got a customer that needs a grass. She said her lot used to be the trash pile when they were building the houses around her. So she said that thats why she thinks she don't have much luck growing grass. She had someone try last year, but I think they raked the yard and not aerated. The front yard is mostly shade and the back is pretty much full sun. I'm not sure what type of grass she has now(what grass she does have), but I'm wondering what seed I should put down? She lives in NC East of Raleigh(Nash County). I would need to core aerate, correct? I used this site to help, but was wondering which I should go with.

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    Take a soil test. Let her know grass will not grow very well if at all unless she is willing to trim her tree's to let sunlight through. Once you find out what the soil test confirms add what is needed then core aerate then overseed with a good seeder and apply a good starter fertilizer.

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