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    also, go to the organic lawncare forum and check out "how to start and what to use" FAQ. its under, lawncare, fertilization, weed control, organic, aeration, seeding, etc." then you may want to check out the 2 part "how they are used." and "how the organic materials work" also, a good site to study up on compost, what materials to use, what they do, and troubleshoot is www.compostguide.com. i hope this helps. organic lawncare is growing but we have to inform each other and learn about it. in the long run its actually better than chemicals because nothing beats nature. the natural way. lawns, gardens, vegetables, etc look and actually are better when we use nature. thats just my opinion anyway :)
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    It's that kind of hyperbole that makes the sale, of an organic program, easy.

    :laugh: Last time I heard of a "Good way" to prevent or kill dandy lions - was with calcuim. :laugh:
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    you can use corn gluten. there is a product call premerge that is natural. it will prevent the weed seeds from germinating. use it in the fall to prevent the seeds from germinating and then again in the spring. check out this web site for all natural and organic products..... www.backto-nature.com. they have soil amendments, weed control, fertilize, pest control and compost
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    ps. thanks for the compliment haha :d
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    Corn Gluten needs a couple of years or so to build up the chemical to stifle germination!!

    So tell me -- When will you reseed?? Overseed??? Renovate, etc.???
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    CB- did you mean "harrow"?

    n.e. how - I agree that your KBG see should have some modicum of covering.

    Peat moss does a nice job of covering seed and can be spread thin too. Plus it holds the moisture.

    Be patient w/ the KBG... it'l take some time to germinate.
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    thanks for the advice :)
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    i've already started. i used the harrow monday evening and put down the seed. i've watered at least twice a day since then. yesterday evening when i got home i put down cottonseed meal and watered for 20 mins. in each section then it came a hard rain for about an hour. when i looked at it this morning the seed was down in the soil really good.

    For natural weed control you can also use Burn Out ll. It is made with vinegar and natural plant oils. so no synthetics are used. it can be purchased at wholesale prices for lawn professionals that need bulk. after that is applied you can use the premerge to prevent further weed sprouts.

    "Corn gluten meal is a high protein that makes it about 10 percent nitrogen. Apply it as you would a fertilizer, about 20 pounds per 1,000 square feet, to the top of the soil. You may scratch it in lightly and water enough for the seeds to sprout. Then hope it doesn't rain because the meal needs to stay dry. The seeds will sprout, but the roots will not develop.

    If your timing is too early for the weed seeds and there was continuous moisture, such as rainy spell, the microbes will eat the meal before it can do its thing to the weed roots. Then you will have healthy weeds. The trick is knowing when the native weed seeds are about to sprout. Once a root is established, the meal has no effect. This is an excellent fertilizer for perennials such as strawberries, blackberries, and lawns."

    For fertilizers you can purchase Bio-Enhanced Liquid fertilizers supplemented with a natural nutrient package derived from Seaweed, Humic Acids, and Molasses. it also contains B-1, B-12, gibberellins, indoles, auxins as well as trace elements of boron, iron, zinc, cobalt, copper, manganese, molybdenum and sulfur. So again. its all natural with no synthetics. it can also be purchased in bulk at wholesale prices. so far i've found a 16-4-8, 10-8-8 and 6-14-6. there are also natural products for soil amendment like AerifyPlus!, Bio-Dethatch and soil activators.
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    I just overseeded and covered with a topsoil/compost mix, really bare area's covered with straw
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    Stop and think a moment... when will your grass seed sprout? the same time as your weeds will sprout.

    First year of gluten's effectiveness is virtually non-existant. 2nd claimed to be 80%.
    Cumulative effect. Over 2 years. :laugh:

    Wait for the production of the pre-m extracted fron the gluten.

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