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    Hey guys I would like to overseed my yard this spring but have never done it before and hada few questions. First off when is the best time to overseed? Secondly what is the best process when overseeding to get the best results? Thanks for your help!

    Ryan :weightlifter:
  2. SouthSide Cutter

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    Just done mine and a few others yesterday. I have a LS 24" overseeder. Its pretty dry here so it worked up great.
    Had a friend that run a large seed house. He always told me to seed in late August or early Sept. In the spring put half on in Feb and half in March and if it was going to snow put it all on.
    One thing you need to watch it wont germinate until the ground warms up, and if you spray for crabgrass it may hurt the germ. So you need to hold off until it takes root.
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    Fall is best for sure, but spring is doable-we've seeded as late as may, but then you gotta dedicate yourself to a water program! Powerseed (sliceseed) if you have access to a machine.
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    The issue with slice seeding is all the thatch that can be kicked up by the verticut blades hampering the process. I will not be giving prices on verticut overseeding unless I run a.few test.patches before I hand over the quote.
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    A lot depends on what you are dealing with... If your lawn is thin everywere, yet no real bare spots that is an indication of too much thatch, as Exact, was referring to...

    Every one seems to have their own ideas about that, but you may get by with some aeration, broadcasting seed by hand and applying compost, for better success in germination and healthy growth... If this is the case, don't do an early spring app of N...

    If you have trouble areas, perhaps working the suface, with a Mantis or Garden Weasel just to give the seed some bedding and tossing seed into those areas and working it in again, smooth and patdown...

    Remember, any time you can add compost to your seedings, your success rate goes up considerably, without a lot of prep or running a seeder if it is necessary... :)
  6. Groomer

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    all good answers really. aeration is great, I've used it many times. Always did a little overkill I guess, cause I would run 2-3 different patterns with the machine, just to loosen things up really well.(By the end of your third pass your boots are wearing serious soil!) But I seemed to generally get good germination. I think with aeration the trick is to not put down too much seed.
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    agreed aeration first will get you best results. you wil allow more sunlight, water and nutrients to get into the soil of the exising lawn which will cause that to thicken up, and those things to the seed too which will help those germinate.

    If you have a spray program talk to them about the weed control. Crabgrass preventer will kill the seedlings for a specific amount of time. So either seed in the fall or no crabgrass control. However; if your using the new imprelis herbicide, you can seed. That stuff has pre-m crabgrass control and doesnt effect seeding. Looks like a great product.

    I also strongly agree with the dont put down to much seed. Over seeding with KBG is done at 3lbs/k meaning with a 50lb bag i can almost do 17000 sqft. Thats a large area. With half a bag of grass seed i overseeded 3 houses. so dont over seed when overseeding (no pun intended)
  8. LoweJ82

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    How I got a few lawns looking great again and will be doing this spring....

    1. Use the over seeder w/out seed to first de-thatch lawn.

    2. then aeration

    3.then use over seeder with seed at half rate cross directions

    4. apply starter fert

    or just splurge and buy sod :rolleyes:
  9. Turtle Creek Lawn Care

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    thanks for all the help guys I'll let you know how it goes!!


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