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    I thought I would post and see what the going rate for overseeding is going for these day's. I have't raised prices for several years and my current rate is $45 per 1,000 sqf including starter fertilizer So what is everyone charging? I know different parts of the country are going to vary but I'm looking for an average.

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    What kind of seed? What is the rate and quality of the seed and its cost? Rye? Blue? Tall fes? Slit seeding? Aeration and broadcast? Power rake and seed? No prep and sow seed broadcast?What about the risk of non-payment?
    What about the expense of callbacks? What about if customer does not water--but wants you to guarantee the job? What if weeds come up? What if poa appears?
    A lot depends on the cost of the job, before adding a margin for profit.
    You should plan to charge enough to repay your cost of equipment and its maintenance within a year or two. Add your labor, insurance, and contingency for unforseen problems. Write a tight contract to protect yourself from callbacks...and get the money before you leave the site.
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    I only overseed the bare spots and thin areas so it is going to depend on how much time and seed is going down... if you overseed this time of year,,,, how many lawns get pre-m and kill the seed??? does the client keep the seedlings alive during the heat of Summer???
    Not trying to be funny,,, its just that most people on this forum call Spring seeding a waste of time,,, let alone charge $45/kfor it...

    What successes have you had???
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    I like Spring time for overseeding with better results then fall time in my area.
    If they have pre-m down. Then it would be a waste of time and money.
    I always ask before I overseed and the customer signs the contact saying they will not apply pre-m.
    There 2 months of growing time before summer heat moves in.
    I only overseed with Turf Fescue .
    There so much more to overseeding then just sowing seed and Fertilizer

    So $45 pre 1k is _________ but if you are happy with more power to you.
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    Excellent... good for you...

    Do you run over the lawn with a slit seeder and leave it at that???

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