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  1. Hopper1124

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    When overseeding do you Aerate first then run a slice seeder over the lawn after aerating? I'm looking to thicken up some customers lawns this year and they have asked me to do what I think is best for their lawns. Any suggestions?

    I mainly do Landscape Maintenance & Installations but these are my main customers that I do Lawn Care with as well.

    Thanks for any input
  2. mx495

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    Aerate then seed, no need for slice seeding unless there are large bare spots or lawn is realy thin. When overseeding we double aerate.
  3. lilred731

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    I have some question about aerating.

    1. What do you use to aerate a lawn.

    2. When you double aerate are you going in two different directions?

    3. What are some good products to aerate a lawn.

    thank you.
  4. GLAN

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    first post
    What you stated is fine. Though you can do one or the other and seed. Aerating is one benefit for the turf roots and seed, while the slit seeding benefits the seed only

    1 - Most common is core aerators, there are spike aerators that punch very small holes, gerneraly for greens and tees on a golf course. There is also a spike wheel that cuts in slits, coring is your best bet for once a year, the others would be done several times.

    2 - yes

    3 - What ever you can rent or purchase from a dealer. Ryan, Blue Bird, Lesco. To name a couple.
  5. locutus

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    did four semi renovations yesterday. first i aerated with a plug-r (brand name) it is a cam driven plugger. pulls more plugs per square foot, but it a bast--- to push diagonally or uphill. supposedly the angel of the cam driven tines propel this machine and to a degree it does. just not very good uphill. second, applied fertilizer and lime. third used slit/pwer overseeder to ditribute seed. unless you are overseeding on perfectly level ground i wouldnt use one of these, because the blades that create the slits to deposit the seed will catch on the lumps and bumps in the yard and either propel it forward like a top fuel dragster or bog the machine to an abrupt halt. that for me was even on the highest setting, so be careful if you use one. i honestly believe that you could do just as good with a verti-cutter or dethatcher and applying the seed with your spreader because some of the dethatchers have loose flail type knives that are far mor forgiving that the fixed slit blades.

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