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  1. zeroturnman

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    Does anyone out there have a gas powered lawn overseeder. I am curious as to what brand you use, if they are a high maintenace item, and if you recommend getting one. None of our rental places carry them.
  2. spray guy

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    Bought it many years back, here in Texas I use it in late summer - early fall. You have your typical engine maintenance and grease fittings. I use it for mainly slit seeding fescue.
  3. sjj14

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    I have 2 ransomes/ryan slit seeders. Love them and they take a beating but we take care of them as well. Usual maitenence, grease oil change and seasonal blade changes but its all pretty straight forward if your handy. rental centers around here do have them but they are beat up. My advice is get a unit that is 'Wheel driven" as opposed to a unit that is blade driven ( the only thing that makes it go forwrad is the blade action and you pushing).
    Do not know for sure but they may go under the Jacobsen name now a days, Textron gobbled up another one!!
  4. lawn king

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    IMO core aeration and overseeding produce far better results than slice seeding! It all comes down to soil/seed contact and aeration provides that, not to mention the benefits the established turf attains! I would think about an aerator over a slice seeder! If you are dead set on a s.s. i would buy the lesco. The ryan is a rugged machine but it's way more labor intensive to run than the lesco!

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