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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mrkosar, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. mrkosar

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    i was wondering if more grass is going to come up next spring from my overseedings this fall. i got them down a little late (late sept), but most came up decent. they are thin and patchy in some places. will they fill in next spring? or should i be overseeding again? the weather turned bad quickly, and i'm afraid some of the new blades won't survive the frosts and the coming winter. what is your guys experience with this?
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    You could get some germination next spring, the only problem is you wont want to use a crabgrass pre-m because it will effect the new grass. you could use a product like Surge or drive as a post emergent for crabgrass if you need to.
  3. Rayholio

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    I had a similar situation last year.. It's my opinion that you're in bad shape there... if you skip the pre-m then you'll get more grass, and will be open to reseed.. BUT weeds will be terrible.. If your climate is anything like mine, by the time the grass is mature enough to safely apply herbicides.. it will be too late for crab grass preventative, and you will have a very small window to get weeds under control before the temperatures get above 85.. bottom line.. I missed a couple pre-m treatments for similar reasons, and I just got the weeds under control 2 weeks ago.. it's been miserable. in the future, I'll put down my pre-M's and wait until fall to reseed.
  4. GrazerZ

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    It depends on your weather. We overseed in the late fall with the intention of it being dormant seeding along with aeration. You will not get 90 or 100 % germination by any means, but you will get plenty of seed up from the fall. We don't put crabgrass pre em on the lawn here until about the 1st or 2nd week into may. Grass seed germinates at lower temps than crabgrass seeds, therefore there is a small window of oppurtunity for germination.
  5. PR Fect

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    You will be fine. We overseeded several lawns first week in October last year and had great results. We again overseeded several lawns first week in October this year but I'm not sure if they will do as well The way the weather was. We are on the line Zone 4-5. Many installers around here will seed a lawn yet still. I think it depends more on how often you get the freeze thaw cycle that it does if it freezes early. PR

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