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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by sgt_sealcoating, Apr 17, 2014.

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    What does everyone use for clean up? I have an edging machine that has significantly cut time off edging but I live right near the ocean and the wind never stops. I have taped and covered but still can't seem to prevent the occasional overspray.

    Things I have tried...
    Random cleaning solutions like GooGone, orange clean, exc.

    Metal wire bush + elbow grease + water + cleaning solution. It works but takes a lot of time.

    Just started using a wire wheel and same cleaning solutions. It works ok but it actually just spread the spray dots out more and dis colored an entire section of the curb.

    What I am considering...

    Some type of pre treatment of an area. Any suggestions?

    Add a 3000 psi power washer set up to my rig and 250 gallon tank and just power wash spray areas after the Sealcoat dries.

    Open to any advise other then telling me to (squeegee everything or hire better employees for spray). In the end I know it's a hazard of the job but I really want to figure out a better way to clean it.
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    I find oil-flo to work great. Now I never used it on curbs nor any housing do to we dont have that problem. But we use on our trucks at the end of the season gets it really clean. I even use it on my glasses. Just do your best to not get any on the sealer. I know you dont want advice about squeegeing everything but when its windy out just make your squeege paths wider so ur further away. (I dont know how wide you make them). And keep your wand tilted away more. Hope that helps alittle bit
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    shouldnt have any over pray , gotta learn how to brush first, and they brush the per. and then pray, and have you guy hold a piece of flywood as you go if you must pray. because we can never get lucky and have no wind, atleast i cant this month, its friggen redic.

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