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    Hi everyone,

    Just stumbled upon the forum in my endless search of lawn care. I’m a neophyte when it comes to lawns, allergies have prevented me from ever cutting the grass (pretty pathetic I know) but fortunately I’ve been an apartment dweller for many of those years. Until now.

    My wife and I are getting ready to break ground on our first home with a builder here in the Cincinnati area and are expecting a closing date in late Aug. We’re faced with a decision we’re not quite sure of what to do with. The builder offers to seed at no additional cost; however to sod, they’re charging what we deem to be (and most likely is) an exorbitant fee. From what I have read, it is a decent time of year to seed in our climate. Would that be correct? Perhaps more importantly though, we have a large dog who, along with ourselves, would like to use our backyard sooner rather than later which leads us to the idea of sod. Again, from what I’ve been able to ascertain through my readings, while initial cost would be higher, the maintenance would be less intensive than seed. Would that be correct? Would it even be possible for us to attempt to place sod ourselves? I’m a lawn moron remember.:confused: I’ve thumbed through the yellowpages and there obviously are a number of vendor options, not knowing where to begin, what should we look for in a vendor, what sort of questions should we ask when selecting one? Not having the dimensions in front of me, but what sort of costs could we be looking at? Or perhaps better yet, could someone make a recommendation for the Cincinnati area. We certainly appreciate all of your ideas and suggestions.

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    First off, this is a tough answer as the specifics are vague in your description of property, etc.

    Down here in florida, we can only use sod due to the ridiculously fast germination rate of st.augustine. Down here, I can get a pallet of high quality sod for 125 delivered. A pallet is 500 square feet and I can get through about 3 pallets a day in 95 degree heat by myself before complete exhaustion. Depending on how many people will be working with you and what build you are your speed may vary.

    Now, without knowing what size your lawn is going to be, I cannot help you out on a price installed however I normally charge 300/pallet with NO preparation work. I will price prep work seperately (tilling and raking, etc.)

    Will you have an irrigation system? If you can provide the total square footage of lawn and then what he has proposed to you in terms of price then we can better gauge whether you are being taken or not.

    Hope this helps.
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    I live in Indianapolis, so our climates/zone is almost identical. Like Maniac said, give us the square footage of your yard and the price the builder is charging(which is very,very negotiable) and we can tell you if it a good value.
    Now, if you decide to sod, will someone be able to water the heck out of it for the first week or so? You have to keep it watered or it will die. This will cost you a bit of money if you are on city water. Check with your water company and see if they will give you an allowance for the first month. Don't laugh (like I did when someone told me to do this) it works sometimes. I got a $350 bill cut down to $100 my first month.
    If you seed, do NOT have them seed until the end of August, first week of September. Germination rates are better because of the temperatures and moisture in our area, plus not a lot of weeds to compete with this time of year. If you seed now you will have a weed field come August and you will have to reseed then anyway. A good website to find a lot of information is Purdue university..check it out.

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