Overwintering Trailers?


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SE Pennsylvania
What do you do if anything to overwinter your trailers if they are to be kept outside? I was thinking about lifting on blocks, removing the tires and bringing them inside. Just don't want to get flat spots...although I know as soon as I do this I'll need the trailer to haul something. Should I just leave it?


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Flint, Michigan
Scraper, if you know you're not going to be using the trailer, I would suggest winterizing it. All I used to do was remove the wheels, and wrap up the jack assembly.


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I cover the trailer with a tarp. Put jack stands at the very rear of the trailer, use the front trailer jack to then just lift alittle to take some weight off the tires. This way if I need the trailer, it is not any harder than a normal to hook up to drop it down again.

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