Own, Rent, Live with Mom and Dad

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Where do you live?

  1. Own Your House

  2. Rent

  3. With The Parents

  1. just wanted to give some advice to all the people my age. I am 23 now, but got married the week after I turned 20. I rented a duplex for a little over a year for $425. It was small, but not super tiny. But we were able to save a lot of money living there. small amount of rent, low utilities, no maintenance cost, ect. Then we lived in a house her parents owned for free, yes Free, for two years. You would think, man with a free house you could save a lot of money, but my wife was in college and not working and at the time I wasn't making that much money. i hadn't started my lawn care business back then. So even with a free house you have to pay more for power bill, mow your own grass for free, take care of your yard, pay for paint and anything to fix up the house, pay for trash pick up, buy a shed to store your mower and stuff in(house didn't have garage). You have to pay more in gas because the house was farther away from work. The list goes on, but the point was, even living in a house rent free probably cost as much as paying $425 in rent every month before. At the begining of 09 I started a lawn care business (part time right now) and make good money doing it. We bought a hud house in oct of 09 for a little less than $100,000. It is a nice bigger hosue with 1.6 acres. The payments aren't that much more than our rent was when we first got married, but bigger house means bigger utility payments, taxes, home insurrance, spending time and money mowing your own grass, doing repairs. Lets face it, unless you buy a new house or almost new house, you are going to throw a lot money at fixing up or repairing you r house. Probably for many years. I wouldn't trade owning my own house for anything, but i guess the bottem line is, that renting a house/apartment can actually save you a lot of money. You may throw money away on rent, but when you buy a house most of the money is thrown away on interest, unless you pay extra every month. Just some things fof all the 20 something year olds to consider.
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    20 and still living at home. going to school full time and working when ever i have the chance to. going away to school next year so all of my stuff will be put aside for the next few years as i get my masters in arboriculture. after that im getting out (by 24 hopefully). settle down with a good wife and raise a family.

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