"owner guilt" or "feeling greedy".

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by AL's, Mar 13, 2018.

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    Just curious to hear if others have experienced this or how they dealt with it.

    Today, for the first time since starting over 2 years ago, I felt greedy specifically in regards to my business.

    Ive felt this before in areas such as relationships or homelife, family etc and I've always managed to catch myself and instead be thankful for what I have rather than ask for more.

    With business this is not as simple. As the entire goal is to make money.... more money, and more profit. The profit is a means to build the life you dream of.

    So I guess now I'm at a crossroad. In other areas this is where I would stop even thinking about more and just be thankful for what I have. I dont think I'm doing a very good job of explaining what I'm trying to say. Its really hard to put into words exactly what I'm feeling. Its a weird sensation though, that contradicts the logic of growing a business.

    I was watching one of the youtube guys on business and he had his book about making 500/day in his hand and it took me back to over 2 years ago when I started and how little money I had and at the time 200 or 300 a day was HUGE to me and doing 200 or 300 consistently for a few days was incredible. I remember my first 500/day, and my first 1500/day. Just looking back im so far ahead of where I used to be and im humbled and grateful.
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    Neither for me.

    Why would you? Are you putting a gun to a potential customers head and forcing them to buy your service? Are you ripping them off by skimping on the products that you use? If you answered no to these questions, then you should feel neither of these.

    It takes two to tango. The customer had to give you the OK to the service that you are providing and they had to have felt comfortable enough with you and are willing to pay your fee for service.

    Just make sure you are up front and honest with each and every customer and do the best job you can. When you finish a service, stop and answer this question...did you service this Lawn as if it were your own? The answer to this question will answer those 2 you asked in the beginning.

    And don’t be afraid to walk away from a lawn. If you are not seeing the results that you think you should be seeing, then let them know. If after a year or two the results are just not there, then tell them this is the best you are able to do with what you have to work with. If you continue year after year taking their money and still not seeing results, that is the time to feel greedy and guilty.

    Bottom line is you have a business and a lot at stake should you fail. If at the end of the day you feel good about the service you provided for your customers, then neither of those thoughts should be in your head.
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    When you get old and are eating dog food out of a can because that is all you can afford, then you will wish you had been a bit greedy:nod:
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    If you give it 100% effort, then you should have no guilt.
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    Exactly! Always give people their moneys worth
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    It's hard not to feel that way sometimes. Customers are quick to flip the terms greedy, rip off and money hungry. Thankfully it' usually the cheapskates of life that think everything should cost a nickel. It can still sting especially after you'e gone out of your way to help someone.
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    I don’t want much. I just want more.
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    I do get that sometimes. I had the same mentality as far as the daily amount I would make. I thought I was something when I would hit 4 yards at $45 a pop! Now our best day so far has been about $5000 net with one landscape crew. I think it was the great economist Milton Friedman that said something along the lines of "You can/should charge as much as the market will allow you to." If we can charge $10,000 for a landscape job that takes a day and nets the company $6000 and the customer is pleased with the work then why not? If you don't someone else, dare I say several other companies will take your place. Is there anything wrong with doing that? No. Business is business.

    Greedy and owners guilt makes me think of Martin Shkreli who raised the price of a life saving drug 5000% overnight.

    When I first started out I did yards on a call me as needed basis for $20-35 dollars. Now I would laugh if a customer asked for that. They are no longer my target market and for good reason, I have liability ins, umbrella ins, Worker comp, and commercial auto to pay for, on top of my 2 guys wages, payroll tax, licensing fees, etc etc etc.
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    Stay honest, and humble and no need for guilt. But....
    If you still feel guilty, you can send some over this way. It may lighten your burden $$$
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