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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, May 14, 2000.

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    Sorry to be so selective in topic but how do you guys do with just one helper? Is it a brother in law or a friend? Are you full time or part time? does it work ok? Do you make money or just squeak by? <br>I am doing great as solo but know if I find someone - things might get better. I'm just wondering how the 2 man/woman operations are doing? My wife can be in the mix in 2 years - give me some input. Thanks
  2. NateinAtl

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    I work with one employee. If you have one of those days where nothiong goes right, your employee will make more than you that day. At least that is what happened to me on Friday. All in all, I have found that adding an employee has been beneficial. I was having a hard time staying motivated after lunch when I was solo. Now with an employee a find mysself working longer hours and obviously doing more lawns. The increased productivity minus the wages gives me about $250 to $350 additional revenue each week.
  3. accuratelawn

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    I went from doing 60+ accounts solo to 110 with a good helper.<br>This might not be typical, but it worked great for me. <br>Other benefits, someone to talk to, motivate eachother, (with help) two heads are better than one in figuring out a solution to a problem.<br>If you do any landscaping, two people are a plus for the heavy work.<br>In all you will increase gross per hour about 70-75%.
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    The main problem with such small operations is when the employee quits, you alone are faced with doing ALL that work alone, until you find a replacement. Just make sure that you can handle it.
  5. Acute Cut

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    I am in total agreement with jaclawn. I know from experience. I had 3 sets of two helpers last year. They all had days they worked and had off. It was ok, but lost money over all i think. Then many of them left for college. Correction, ALL of them left. I was left with 40+ lawns and two walkbehinds. I squeaked by with some temp help i hired. Then i got smart this year. Bigger equip, less people. I know do 60+ by myself easily. I have full days, but am capable of doing it. Maybe your plan shouldn't be to hire more people, but to get bigger/better eqip. I know i would have saved myself alot of headache and money if i had &quot;done it right the first time&quot; like my dad said i should.lol. <p>On the other hand, my part time helper this year is fast becoming a great friend and trusted business investment. Keep in mind, what will you do if you get ill for a week? One other helper is super helpful here. Good luck.
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    Well Im finding out the worst part about working alone right now-the trucks in the shop so Im here on a sunny day with my thumb in my butt. I did give the garage owner half a 50, he can have the other half if I get the truck back by noon. pretty sure it will be done, saw the parts on the floor this am when I dropped it off.<p>Anyone know how big a trailer you can pull with a dodge intrepid? Thinking of having a hitch put on the wifes car for next time.<p>I guess what Im saying is, if I had a helper there would be two of us with nothing to do. Then Id need a second backup vehicle, same with equipment, yada yada...<p>Bill<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: thelawnguy
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    lawnguy, next time your truck goes down...U-Haul<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Getmow
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    I know. Truck crapped out friday, garage got me in today, nothing available from u-haul, edart, ryder. If it was still drivable I would have planned farther ahead . Anyways I got it back today, runs like new once again.<p>Bill
  9. yardsmith

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    I have one helper, & couldn't do without him.<br>Wife helped the last few yrs., & that worked out great. Kept the $$ in the family, & she had eye for detail. Now she is stay-at-home-mom for our kids.<br>I have done time studies, & avg.s are correct-2 people will increase productivity about 40-60%, not double it. If I could get them weedeating as fast as I can (fast walking pace), I'd make a killing. I only have a few lawns where 3 would be handy; the only real time I need 3 is for landscaping.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>

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