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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnchopper, Jul 6, 2004.

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    I work for a company and they are great to work for however since we have a owner and manager who dont lift a finger sometimes they dont realize how things can be a PIA . The owner is semi retired so he just approves numbers the manager crunches numbers and increases production.
    My mngr bid 14 acres for only 3 guys it takes us bout 12 hrs 2 mowers and 1 guy trimming (poor sap) needless to say we're dead by about 4:00 also a 12,000 sq ft lawn was to be bagged with a 21" we find this out when on a fri afternoon as he's leaving town, when we got there it was new sod never been cut and was 8-10 inches high, Im like ............WTF was he thinking!!!!! I said screw it and went back to get our Walker to bag it.
    A owner opp would see how much of a pain things can be and would make sure we can adequately handle them. Owner opps know what its like to get way behind cause of rain, breakdowns or having the trac vacs blow dust in your face doing those 90 deg days during cleanups, trimming in the humidity a manager who may have not done that will only have a general idea.
    Im not complaining just observing the diff between owner opps and managers.
    anyone here see the diff's
  2. Norm Al

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    an owner/operator doesnt care how hard a job is to do!
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    lawnchopper, you probably get paid hourly, and your not the boss. so if you dont like the way things are, and your not going to do what they ask, then why dont you quit?

    im the boss, so i know when something is nearly impossible, but for me, when someone or i my self think something is impossible, i want to do it THAT MUCH MORE, so i keep going at it! but if something is really that hard or cant be done, ill think of an alternate plan.

    with some of my employees, if they complain about something i ask them if they want to go home? and that usually shuts em up, no matter how hard the job is, but if they say yeah, then ill gladly take em home, i dont want someone on the job who doesnt want to be their, cause they will most likley do a $hitty job. IMO.

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