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    I have boughten out two companies in the past. One very small, the other I gained 400 fert/spray accts. This yr I bought out another LCO. Primarily mowing - from 1500k lawns to a 30 acre complex. Locations are 20 miles apart - I still run the business at this end, have a manager at that end, my wife does most of book keeping but I still find myself checking bills, invoices, jobs sheets etc.

    My problem - how do i gauge what is good and bad of what is going on? I here from people I am to big? I can't handle all that going on? I have people complain about there bill cuz there were 4 guys doing work for 20 minutes, that is 80 minutes of work, i bill that at 90 minutes of work. basically I am feeling a little over whelmed with all that is going on. I am pulled to being worker, boss, owner, book keeper, etc. I feel as though I delegate the work load but it is not to my expectations.

    Ex: my father has his spraying lic. He helps here and there. Today he did a town about 25 miles away and encounters an old 90 yr lady who is "crying to him" that I did not come and mow her yard. I explained a few times to her that I could not drive for an hour up and back to mow a 20 minute yard. My dad tells her that I should of done that, is all worked up over the deal and spoils a saturday evening much less she canceled your 4 apps with me.

    What direction, view, employees should I be looking at or looking for or watch out for? I feel my time is more valuable meeting, greeting and calling people back with questions, possible work, estimating, etc that actually being over there heads all day wondering if things are getting done?
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    Read the book E Myth by Michael Gerber. It will help you get your focus. Do not give into the temptation to "go back" to that time when you were doing all the work/labor and avoid what seems like chaos. Learn to be the manager/entrepreneur. Simplify your systems so that you can produce the same product/service every time the customer is serviced.

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