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    I have a question on how to quote a job that I was asked to fix. The job consist of a failed wall 4fth by 25ftl holding back soil for a flower bed. About 20 steps that are separating from each other. Paver landing area's that have all suck en down with the erosion of the bedding sand. The customer wants to use the old material to save costs ie: wall block and pavers. In my op-ion the whole job needs to be ripped out and started over but, they want a nice band aid so they can sell their house. Thanks for your help.
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    I will not repair a wall unless I can do it right. I did one last year that had been in for a couple years, once we tore it apart out we found that there was never any base installed, and it was backfilled with dirt. :nono: Also in a repair remember that if the caps are glued on they are usually junk as well as the first block. I know guys that refuse to use the block over, if you want it fixed right we will do it, if not find someone else.
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    If this were mine I would give them an open-ended quote, hourly only. If it failed than it wasn't put in correctly in the first place. The material will have to be restacked, the bedding sand removed and hauled away since it will be contaminated with base material. Then evaluate what next: is there enough (if any) base, is the slope correct? etc. Then fix base and apply new bedding and rebuild. As mentioned before, even though you are re-using the existing hardscape, some more might be needed, + bedding sand and maybe base material.

    Figure in approximate times for removal and stacking, fixing and relaying, approximately how much bedding sand, and quote it, then have the estimate have provisions for unseen items. This way the customer understands why "just fixing" something can cost MORE than doing it from scratch. NOW show them that if THEY remove and stack everything how much their sweat equity can save them.

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