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Started a new venture and what to get thoughts and ideas.

Little back ground....past 12 years I been running a landscape, excavating and tree transplanting business. Been a little burned out with it, dealing with hacks, guys working for cheap, employees and idiot customers. My Insurance guy(famliy friend, my grandpa got him started 37 years ago) approached me and I asked If I would be interested in selling insurance, well I said yes. I figured I could do it on rain days, hot summers and during the winter, that was a couple months ago. All is going well.

I am interested in peoples thoughts on what their agent could do better for them. Or say what would interest you in changing agents if you were approached by a new agent that was trying to get your business.

Thanks for the help!

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Insurance company's track record. I'd like to talk to the agent's other customers to see what their satisfaction level is. Little info on the Agent's history is a must. Personally I would not deal with an agent new to the industry. Obviously price would be a big factor as well. I personally prefer to hear from my agent at least once per quarter to make sure I'm happy and to see if I need anything.


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Thanks for the reply. New to industry, yeah I agree, but I recall my days of starting off, you got to play the part, and of course have enough knowledge to do so. I have had the same agent for as long as I have needed one and never had another agent contact me. so all info you guys can give would be great


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Tree mover, I am a guy who pays a lot for insurance for multiple machines, life, health, liability and workman's comp. I am covered pretty good.
It gets complicated and I dread renewal month.
Here's what I would want in an agent:

*Knowledgeable.. if you don't have the answer because you are new, just go get it from an underwriter or mentor
*There when I need you for claims, questions, and being flexible enough to help me add and remove coverage as I need it
*Streamline the process as much as possible. If you don't understand what I do, how can you provide a good service? Research what your client is doing and talk in his language..
*Be competitive and shop around for me. While great service is important, price is too and the agent can make up where the insurer may fail in the service dept.
*Check on me during the year and keep me updated on industry changes, potential savings, and offer advice on coverage or reducing coverage.


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I have some input for you. I went from an insurance company for my business that was horrible for business (although I still use them for my personal insurance its Farm Bureau), to a most excellent company for business (Hartwell insurance).

The differnce between the two is this:

When I call Hartwell and ask for insurance certificates to be sent out to new customers, its done instantly.

Hartwell every year checks to get me the very best pricing. My renewal time of the year (Sept) sucks because I am always busy. They are on it shopping the best insurance companies to match my business and pocketbook. I cant say how much I appreciate that.

I have an Agent and an assistant assigned to me. Even though these people changed a couple times over the years the service has been seamless.

I had one claim over the last 10 years (when my skid steer burned) which was significant. I was very happy with the way they handled it and they got me what I needed to one not get burned by the adjuster and keep things moving with a rental unit.

By comparision: FB failed at practically every turn. Hard to work with for business. One year they even sent out an insurance cancellation to everyone of my insurance certificate holding customers by mistake. That was the final straw.

Hartwell is used by practically every business, especiallly contractors, in this area (they are local). Their level of service and competence is superior.

If you can duplicate what Hartwell is able to do here, you will be very successful. Their business model has worked very well for them, and it works well for their customers.


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I have been with the same insurance for a long time, if I call in my office contact is on top of stuff and gets things done(and right). My agent and I don't interact too much but am not changing things up but He did much better than the first company did and it seems when I do call I can get a hold of him. Overall I'm happy.

I think if you approached guys(I know, not fun always...) and were straight up with no BS it could open some opportunities. I think with you being in this business you could understand what guys do and maybe you can help tailor coverage more? I would think khakis and a polo for most cases, a real big company then maybe a suit or shirt and tie? Good luck.:)