Owners with kids as employees?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by goldenrey, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. goldenrey

    goldenrey LawnSite Member
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    Hello. I am new to the site and am wondering how many of you owners have your children working for you and hope to have them continue your legacy?

    If so, would you consider discussion of some issues with me. My husband and I are working for his father's 40+ yr. old company and have numerous concerns. I would like some insight from an owners perspective.

  2. JB1

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    my son is 18 and a senior this year,. He has worked for me quite a few years and can run any piece of equipment or work on it. I want him to go to school after he graduates but he doesn't know if he wants to go or not. We get along good but I find myself being harder on him than the other guys and thats hard but working with family is never easy.
  3. nocutting

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    Hi, had my nephew work for me all through high school, He went on to Graduate fron "Cornell" with Honors in Horticulture / Arborculture.....now he works for a large national company in PA......in the beginning I was Sad, that He left me, but soon I was As Happy for him as anybody.........If it wasnt for me, he never would have developed an intrest:)
  4. goldenrey

    goldenrey LawnSite Member
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    What I am really wanting to know is when the time comes to relinquish control, will it be difficult to let go? What do you feel is a "healthy" way to make the transition. The transition will be happening in the next five to seven years. Have any of you had experience with this?
  5. ed2hess

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    I started our business when my boys were around 10 years old and they are now over 30. It was a part time business for many years. When my oldest son decided to do mowing full time I turned over the customer list and he formed a corporation and now I work for him. He has a brother who is part owner in the business so there are the three of us plus the workers.
  6. nocutting

    nocutting LawnSite Senior Member
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    Who currantly decides the quality of work performed on your properties now?........If You do, than the transition is already happening..........Who deals with your suppliers?...........purchases new equipment?...........plans the marketing stratagy?.............makes the sales calls?.....Have you discussed a "Buy-Out"?.......theres more to running a successful bizness than just cutting a few lawns?:blush:
  7. goldenrey

    goldenrey LawnSite Member
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    We aren't involved very heavily in maintenance. We do some maint. for our established clients. We work with high end residential clients with Design/Build of their home environments. I am well aware of the fact that it takes a lot to continue a business with a high level of success. That's why I posted the question. I want the transition to be good for all parties involved. Financially and Emotionally. Have you ever gone through the process, nocutting; or are you just trying to shed some light on the situation?
  8. RHayden

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    We've been family owned and operated since 1965. Design/build and irrigation. Very little maintenance.

    I bought my father out a little over 10 years ago after working for, then with, him for about 15 years. My brother and a cousin have both been with the company almost 20 years.

    What specifically are you concerned with?

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