Oxalis vs herbicide

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    I tested 6 products against oxalis. Under my conditions (moist soil, temps about 80) T-zone was most effective. Surge, Speedzone, and Quicksilver were almost as effective. A three-way and Drive were less effective. All spray solutions contained a surfactant. I used hand sprayers or squirt bottles( the bottles delivered 1/40 of an ounce per squirt). I tried to use label rates but the rates are approximate of course.

    The photographs are below, although the results are difficult to see against the grassy background.

    It appears that T-zone killed many of the leaves immediately and outright, and the seed pods turned brown also.






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    I knew T-Zone would be the winner here. Triclopyr FRIES woodsorrel, white within a day or two.
    I mix Turflon Ester with my 3 way and it has the same effect as TZone but cheaper to run.
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    I don't think Oxalis is on the Drive Label.

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