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  1. Sardara

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    Here at Pro-Grade Landscaping, Victoria BC, we offer Victoria, Langford and surrounding communities a wide variety of professional landscape and garden services. We pride ourselves on quality work and customer satisfaction. We are a full landscape and garden design company that works with our clients to establish friendships in our communities.

    Stephen Bains
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    big truck.jpg
  2. Penscape Landscaping

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    How does that dump bed work for you?
  3. bobcat48

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    Looks good.i like that ford dump.
  4. Barrett Landscaping

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    yeah how does it work for you. i want to get an insert but this may be an option as well. how much can it dump and what pros/cons are there to an insert? what did that run you?
  5. Lawn-Scapes

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    welcome to the site... looks very tropical up there in Victoria (first pic).. Is that a picture of your actual work?
  6. ponyboy

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    from ny
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    when i had a bed that dumped 15 years ago the wheel wells would trap a lot so no easy dump and gos, i would say look for a used insert
  7. Sardara

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    Tropical lol...a couple of pics are pulled from my kwik kerb site i also run this company with my old man:)
  8. newjerseylandscaping

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    Hey i like the dump conversion, where do you get that?
  9. Jelinek61

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    Nice work, is that curbing in the first two pics the cement kind that they lay with a walk behind machine?

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