P.G. Mag Sprayer Upgrade

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    This is the latest sprayer upgrade. It sprays variable widths up to 15 feet. The two nozzles can spray over 65,000 square feet per 12 gallon tank. It has 3 spray angle adjustments for pitch and spray pattern width. It installs quickly with no permanent modifications to the Permagreen Magnum. You can also switch back and spray with the 2 stock center nozzles on the fly. We have gained over 30% in production on larger properties with this upgrade! It's been great on residential lawns over 6k and town homes were you have tight areas and then some big open areas. On office parks and acreage lawns it has been a big time saver. I only used this design for the last few weeks of the season so I'm not sure about the long term durability of all parts. If anyone would like to give it a try let me know. I will discount the first few units until I'm sure about it's durability.

    The sprayer upgrade uses your existing Tee Jet nozzle bodies. New nozzles are included.

    Discount price is $130.00 + shipping.
    Auto Pilot $23.50 + shipping
    Both $149.00 + shipping

    Auto Pilot link:

    Upgrade link:


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