"P.I.T.A" fee for annoying clients.


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Anyone else toss a couple extra bucks into a quote for people that you KNOW are going to be a headache. I add on an extra $10 normally per visit. Mentally it helps me deal with the nagging. When I am talking to them taking their b.s. in the back of my mind I just think about them paying me $10 to listen to them. I also have upped the price on a couple clients who I wanted to drop. Most of the time they just fire me, but sometimes they agree to the price increase and it makes it worth my time.
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I did on one. She told me she fires one landscaper a year I was kind of hoping I didn't get it I added $15 to the weekly estimate. Evidently she can't find anyone else to do cause she called me back. Now she gives me nothing but compliments I was starting to feel guilty then the weather got hot.
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Yea more than anything its an energetic thing.
I did a bid today where the lady was almost yelling at me on the phone, being emotional, commotional. If I work for her she is going to pay the entire rest of the season up front :) before I do anything :)
I notice a lot of wealthy people don't have normal social skills and are manipulative and hard to interact with. I really don't need to work for them, and prefer normal middle class people who pay the same or better and are easy to interact with.


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I usually try to raise the price high enough so they won't choose me at all.

I can smell it.

But what happens is they complain anyway "how can you charge that much!"
Umm I haven't charged you anything yet.

They just want to complain.
Which is the reason I tripled their quote in the first place, and I still have to listen to them complain!


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This are is so saturated you just have to put up with the pia customers. I have a few of those. One said she had been through many lco's. At first she was just happy with the great job I was doing compared to the others. Then she brings out her note pad of extras. Little things that turn a one hour job into a 1-1/2 hour job. Then her talking at check time, adds more time to that:hammerhead:
Of course they only want to pay for the hour. Customer here are in the drivers seat. There are so many lco's just riding down the street knocking on doors looking for work. The only way I get any new customer is if someone refers them to me

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