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P O Boxes


LawnSite Senior Member
So. New England
Anybody use post office boxes instead of their own mailbox for their invoice address and regular mail. With idenity theft going on, it would make it a little harder. I know that if someone really wants the your personal info, they'll get it somehow.


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st pete, FL
I would think your kind of fly by night, dont want people to know your address. I know your not, thats just how i would feel if i was a customer.


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Cheyenne, WY
I have a P.O. Box for the same reason. I plan on selling my house this fall. It's nice not having to change the business address.


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We have used a P.O. Box for years . They are great because you dont have stuff coming to your house, if you move your shop you dont have to worry about having to change your address and you dont have to worry about people showing up at your front door. Just my two cents.


Buddy Markley

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Xenia, Ohio
They are only about $35 per year.

You should want to always try to seperate yourself (personal properity) from your biz. Even create an "LLC" most states it will only cost you around $100 to file. This will even seperate yourself even more, then in a worse case if a lawsuit happens then your house and other personal properity is protected and just the biz assets will be subject to the suit.

Always protect what you have worked for and earned over the years DONT PUT IT ON THE LINE...


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I use a P.O. Box for all those reasons also. I understand that some people will think you are shady, but if anyone ever asks me I will just tell them why (as a home based business) I do not want my personal address associated with my business. If they don't like it, I feel that is just unfortunate for them as I will do just as quality work when I have a commercial office and use that address as I do now with my P.O. Box.

Try finding a physical address on your credit card bill....most wont have it,... you have to call to get it.


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I use a P.O. box and I love it. Would never use a mailbox


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A2, Michigan
I have always used a PO Box, and I don't think there is anything shady about it. Many businesses use PO Boxes. The moving reason, the customer not showing up at your door reason, etc etc. I would never have business mail purposely coming to my home.