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Was changing out my power steering pump this afternoon. While using my gear puller to pull off the press-on pulley, it cracked off part of the pulley right towards the end of the pump shaft. Does anyone know where I can get a new pulley for my p.s. pump, besides the junkyard. Any mail order places out there???? Junkyard is okay, I was just thinking of time to get there and do it (I left the old one on for now). Any help is appreciated. My truck is a '78 K10 with a 400.


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well new or used pully what ever... but for future note....
inorder to get the pully off with out damage ...buy a power strg pump pulley puller, their about $65.00 or let the machine shop do it for about $35.00 either way this is the way to do it. "gear pullers" just are not made for "pullies".....kd brand tools make one ...otc makes one . and of course snap-on.

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Also don't hammer the pully onto the shaft as damage to the pump assy will happen. A long bolt nut & washer does the trick nicely. Thread the bolt into shaft with the washer against the pully and run the nut down until the pully is seatd. This also works for crankshaft dampers. Just be sure to use grade 8 bolts. Or if you are flush with $$$ buy an installation kit.


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either trak auto or pepboys, autozone has the tool to do it, its about 40-50 bucks. It will install and remove the pulley.

I would go to the dealer to see how much it is from them, ask a parts store if they can get it.

If it was me i would go to the junkyard.

When your installing it, you might have to put it so far on the shaft, because if you put it to far or to close from the pump, you can misalign the position of the belt. When you get your new pump, check and see if the shafts are the same length, the majority of the time it is flush with the edge of the shaft. You will notice your belt wearing quickly if it is aligned wrong.

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