P/T Aeration business advice?!!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Viking Aeration, Mar 26, 2007.

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    Hi All,

    Chris Thomson from Ontario Canada here, I work F/T (am Military) and I have been thinking of starting up a simple small Part-time Aeration Bsns here, and was wondering if anyone had any advice on the Fol areas? ;

    1 - Will most likley use a easy transportably Plug Aerator, walk behined. I was thinking of the Plugr? Thoughts? (PS I eed to be able to buy it here in Canada)

    2 - Marketing, what have you all found to be a effective way to market this sort of service? (Flyers, lawn signs? etc..?)

    3 - What should one charge for this type of service? (I am in the Military nd my boss showed me a flyer he got) (that's what got me thinking about doin this) it said "Full power plug lawn aeration $39? Now personally this is a price point I would believe most homes would have no problem accepting! BUT! do you all think it's to low? thoughts?

    4 - Not sure but since I'd do this on evenings and Weekends I'd say 1-3 jobs per week consistant I would consider this to be a fairly successful part-time venture? do you all agree? Or do you think one shoul be doing a lot more?

    5 - Any other advice? (the only other thing I can think of would be is; I picked this becasue this seems to be 1 very important area of lawn care tha the average person/ Family just DOSEN'T do! Its a pain, they have to rent mchn, which I can assure you 99% don't even bother) so I thought hey, with 1 machine I might fill a void?

    6 - Any other advice tips? IE areas to not bother with? (new homes with lawns less that 1 yr old?) etc...etc...

    thanks very much in avance!
    PS there is only 1 other "Aeration dude" in my City of 150,000. BUT there is about 25-30 listing for lawn/lanscape companies.
    Is there still room for a Aeration Dude!?
  2. Duekster

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    Go for it.

    I would start with some of those corner signs but find out what the laws are. Typically you can put them out on weekends only.

    $39.00 is too low. You might market that to of the lawn boys and they would sell to their clients for twice that most likely.
  3. instyle

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    thye price is on par for Saskatchewan. That is what everyone else is charging. Based on a 50x100 lot.
    I just bought a plugr. I have not used it yet but I believe it to be...by far the best aerator.

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