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I thought I would use my 2000th post to Welcome the new Moderators of this forum. It sure is going to make it easier on Chuck and me with 6 more eyes watching all the posts. We have been getting an average of around 15 new members a day for the past couple weeks, which has put a big load on trying to watch all of the new posts.

Yesterday we hit an all time high of hits on this site and if I remember right, it was close to 100,000 hits and we had 112 on the boards at one time at around 8:30 last night, which is the most we have seen on at one time. Even with all this traffic, the forums were working smoothly. :)

I also want to Welcome all the new members to We welcome your posts here, but please follow the Posting Guidelines to make it easier on all of us here that are trying to keep this great site running smoothly.

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