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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mo-fleet, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. mo-fleet

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    Ok, I'm afraid to ask but maybe there will be someone from PA who won't bite my head off.

    I'm studying my app. manual. Think I have the Core test figured out. Not sure about the catagory. Can anyone clue me as to what the catagory test covers? The insert sheet is not spacific as to the questions that will be tested. The Core has the questions at the end of each chapter. The Catagory packet has no guideline for the questions. Hope to get some help. Thanks.

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    turn on your pm
  3. Lawrence Lawns

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    Ya know, you must know your asking a question that's bound to piss some guys off. Why should we make it easy for you? We all had to do it the hard way. It's called STUDY for a reason. Besides, the catagory is an open book. The answers are right in front of your snout! STUDY! If you can't go in and pass the first time for having the answers right in front of your schnozzola, you shouldn't even be given a license! Sorry, but you need to get a clue yourself. Don't even walk into the Ag building if you aren't going to give your all.
  4. mo-fleet

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    Auh.......I'm not sure what you mean.

    And...Lawrence lawn, since when did Lawn Site become a bash site? I thought you guys were here to help????????
  5. Lawrence Lawns

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  6. mo-fleet

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    I AM STU-D-ING!!! All is I want to know is, how do I know what questions will be asked when the information (catagory) packet gives no referance to where to look for the answers? I don't want the answers to the test for God sakes. The (core) questions are all at the end of each chapter. I know that much. 50 out of those 115 questions will be on the test. What about the (catagory) test? There are no chapter questions because there are many booklets. Well can anyone else help me out?
  7. heritage

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    Lawrence says it like it is.........core is closed book, and if you study you will do fine, and you have 3 hours to finish!
    the catagories are open book, so study and know where all areas are located in the study manuals. after reading the question, go to the needed area in the book and Reference. This will teach you to know where to look up problems when you run into them, when you have your license. I have been doing this a while know and I still cannot memorize all of the information needed to get through a spray season without some change in weather, activity ect. Study the books. If you are good you should be able to core, 6A(ornamental and shade tree) and 7A (lawn and turf) with 20 -30 hours of actual study time.......not a lot for the Privilege of pesticide certification.

    Pete D.
  8. NattyLawn

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    Not to see you fail the core test, but maybe 5-10 questions from the end of the chapters are actually on the test, word for word.

    For the categories, know where the info is in your study materials. That's the key to save time...
  9. nitrotim

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    Tab each chapter so you can find the infor during the test. .
  10. gogetter

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    Why would that piss anyone off???!! Do you get pissed off if someone asks for advice on which mower to buy??! I mean after all, we had to learn the hard way, why should I advise someone on a mower??
    The same can be said about any question ever asked here.
    For that matter, why do we even have this site here? Let everyone learn everything for themselves! Right?

    If you're not going to help, why are you here?!!!

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