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    Is a lawn fertilization program a taxable service in the state of PA? If so, how many of you didn't charge tax before and do now? I think its a taxable service and I'm nervous to start charging tax and then have the government come after me for back taxes. Anybody have any experience with doing this?
  2. Grassworks Inc.

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    Yes it is, since 1993 or thereabout. 6%.
  3. jvanvliet

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    Now I wonder if it's taxable in FL
  4. KeystoneLawn&Landscaping

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    Since your just reporting taxable sales, the state wouldn't know what the taxable sales were unless they did an audit. I would start collecting it. Problem in Pa is for our industry some services are taxable, some are not. The code includes a list of examples of taxable and non taxable. Some are vague. When I am in doubt, I charge sales tax.
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    Are lawn care services subject to Sales Tax?
    Yes, The sale at retail or use of lawn care services performed in this Commonwealth is subject to tax. Lawn care services include: fertilizing lawns; mowing, trimming, cutting or edging lawns; dethatching; applying herbicides, insecticides or fungicides; raking grass on lawns; applying treatments for weed, pest, insect or disease control; watering; applying lime; aerating; overseeding, sodding or grass plugging of existing lawns; trimming or pruning shrubbery when performed in conjunction with other lawn care services.

    The following are considered to be landscaping and are nontaxable services: Seeding, sodding or grass plugging to establish a new lawn; Seeding, sodding or grass plugging in conjunction with building construction will be presumed to be a new lawn; trimming, pruning or fertilizing trees; planting or removing shrubbery or trees; providing lawn evaluation, consultation or soil testing services, if not purchased in conjunction with other lawn care services; designing lawns or landscapes; applying herbicides or fungicides to shrubbery, trees, flowers or vegetables; maintaining shrubbery, flower or vegetable beds, such as by mulching, tilling, weeding or fertilizing; separately stated charges for leaf raking.

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