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    For a few years I did work for Macintosh Builders. They have always been cheap, but this year it was way over the top. even though the jobs didn't pay as well as I'd like, I gave them superior service in hopes of getting some good work from the new home buyer (high end homes in Montco). Not only did they not give me any leads, they consistently pay late, and beat me up over every price. Well to say the least they're looking for someone else to cut their samples so spread the word, don't do business with them. They are out of Souderton, Pa.
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    The owner of Josh Murrey, llc. worked in the Souderton area for years and said the same thing about Macintosh some time ago. I'm not sure if the company Josh Murry, llc is still around but I see Macintosh is still up to the same old tricks.
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    wow, it is great to see and hear about other lco's sticking up for each other or warning others about PITA customers. I am not back there but Ilove what you are doing and wish more would do that. Anyway thumbs up to you guys.:clapping::clapping:

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