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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by gogetter, Jun 27, 2003.

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    Most of my lawns are in the 10K sq.ft. range and I get between $25-30 each. These are in blue collar neighborhoods.

    Today I got a call from a guy in an upscale neighborhood with a 50K sq.ft. corner lawn. Flat, fairly wide open, average trimming.
    Fenced in backyard area, but nice wide gate.

    Looks like it's treated, and my bet would be that it's one of the big spray companies (TGCL, or the like), so excessive rapid growth could be a problem. Possibly resulting in some double cutting or bagging during spring.

    I'm using a 52" hydro WB (would purchase sulky if I get lawn, hadn't needed one on current lawns). Also have 36" WB that I would probably have helper use in fenced in area (not that larger mower wouldn't fit, but would like to have helper mowing at same time, then whoever finishes their area first can start trimming).

    I left quote on door as he was at work. Quoted him $75 + tax.

    My figuring was that I could do at least 3 of my usual sized lawns in the time it would take me to do this larger one. And if I'm getting an average of $27.50 for these, then $75 seemed fair for his.

    Yet I get the feeling he's not going to go for it because there's just too many guys out there that work cheap!

    Just wanted to hear what you local guys had to say about my price.
    I realize everyones operating costs are different, and it comes down to what one is comfortable working for, but I'd still like to hear any input.

  2. MacLawnCo

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    your reasoning is spot on. If you cant make the same hourly rate on his lawn as your postage stamps, then why bother for his. It wont be as lucrative, so dont waste your time with a low quote.
  3. gogetter

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    Part of the problem I have is guesstimating how long it will take to do a lawn like this.

    I can look at my usual smaller lawns and know how much time I'm going to spend there. But when I look at this one, I'm lost.

    I guessed one hour with a helper and my current equipment. But really, for all I know it may only take 45 minutes, OR it may take an hour and fifteen minutes. Just don't know without doing one a couple times.

    And the only reason I'm stressing over this one is because I've been thinking of going for more higher end lawns like this. But the pricing makes me nervous.
  4. Turfdude

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    Sounds about right according to your pricing structure. You never want to go cheaper just to land an account. It'll bite you in the ***** if you do.
  5. rodfather

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    The 2 of you should be able to bang that out in 30 minutes or so. I like your pricing thoughts and also think $75 is a good rate. Good Luck!
  6. Doogiegh

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    Sounds to me like that is a good pricing strategy. It seems that you balanced the fact that it is a signifigantly larger piece of property than the ones you are doing now, but alot can be said for 1 stop shopping. (meaning unload trailer 1 time and work straight on for 1+ hours instead of unload trailer, cut, load trailer, get paid or whatever, talk to customer for 3 minutes, drive to next location, unload again, etc etc etc)

    Good luck,
  7. gogetter

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    Thanks for all the input guys.

    Rod, that's what I'm worried about. If we could have got it done in 30 minutes, I could have priced it a bit lower (maybe $60-65). But I just can't tell without doing it first. Hate to price it low and then have it take me closer to an hour and not be profitable.

    So far he hasn't called back and my guess is he isn't going to. I just know there are lowballers around here that will do it for $50.

    It's too bad to because in comparison with most of my current lawns, this one would have been somewhat of a 'showpiece'. It would have striped great and being on a corner lot next to a main road, it would have been good to have my truck/trailer in front if it. Possibly would have picked up more work in the area.

    Oh well, maybe the next one.

    Thanks again all!
  8. Doc Pete

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    And, as this weekend proved (in the heat), doing the smaller lots gives you time to hit the A/C of the truck and "recharge" for the next lawn. Two of us banged out 9 lawns in 2.5 hours, and were able to keep from overheating by using the truck's A/C every 20 minutes. I have a remote starter on my Ford and just before I grab the blower to do the walks, I start the Truck. Then, we load up, grab some A/C and off to the next job.
    I can't imagine sitting on a rider for 1 or 2 hours in the heat, regardless of how "soft" the ride is.
  9. dvmcmrhp52

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    Depends where you are but I don't think you will get the job at that is probably more like 50-60 for an acre lot.we do a good number of larger lots but we also use riders rather than walk behinds.also depends on the amount of trimming. I look at the amount of trimming as much if not more on larger lots because it is possible to spend more time trimming than cutting.
    (I'd rather be cutting!)By the way it shouldn't take more than 45 minutes.

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