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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by grassroots lawn, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. FrankMcG

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    Hey Matt, I would say you're NorthWEST of philly. :)

    I just posted in the new business section but a quick question to those familiar with PA. I'm considering doing part time lawn care, any major things I should be worried about with PA law (pesticide license and such), just starting out?

  2. boxsky

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    I'm in the Allentown area. What are you licensed for? I've been trying to get info for licensing and no one knows anything but for the pesticide lic. Of course every muni here wants a piece of the pie but I refused to pay the fees with my other business and I'm damn that the 4 muni I do business in get a piece. Actually my CPA never heard of anyone ever getting caught. Not that is makes it right!:laugh:
  3. ynvvbr

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  4. boxsky

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    Caught for what?
    I sub out the fert and pest. It's not illegal to not have insurance (I DO HAVE IT). So the only thing I know they can get you for is every muni has taxes and they can fine you for not registering with them. Usually the fine is the price of the app. I pay local, state and federal taxes.
  5. ynvvbr

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    If you are caught spraaying anything for profit, ie Round Up on beds even if just 2 gallons of mix Dept of Ag can fine you.

    We do alot of Commercial and every crew has a 3 gallon tank with them. Even if your transporting with No MSDS sheets its a violation.
  6. oOTurfmanoO

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    NEPA here

    Otherwise know as Northeast Pennsylvania to da locals....
  7. Dirt Digger2

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    chester county here
  8. jpsquared

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    bethlehem pa here
  9. DBL

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    West Chester
    Chester County
  10. dcgreenspro

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    oxford, pa here:)

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