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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by JLC Services, May 16, 2004.

  1. JLC Services

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    I am thinking about buying an 8x20 Pace American Summit Landscape trailer. In the near future I plan to by a John Deere 757 and a John Deere 36" Hydro WB. Also I will need room for my aerator, trimmer, edger,blower, and hand tools. Will I have too much room or not enough. Is this a good purchase? Should I look at any other trailer brands?

  2. Wayne Landscaping

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    It'll all fit. Just put your trimmers, blowers, edgerÂ’s, and hand tools on wall racks. Your 757, aerator and WB will all fit. BTW, have you decided where you will put this monstrous trailer?
  3. Mr_Marc

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    Good choice. I have one and am very happy with it.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    I got one and I'm very happy. Added 6" to the wall so no more headaches. Spare holder on the front ( no tire) and 10,000 # weight. Out the door at $5078.00. Mine is 8x14. Will you be able to park this at all your jobs? 20' is long. Do you always carry the aerator. I built shelves across the front for all the small stuff and gas cans (straped down). Hang all hand tools on one wall and trimmer rack on the other. At 8 wide still room the move around. 48 WB up front tight against wall, 2 21" up front next to 48, Lots of room for Z in middle behind them. Still room. Also got E-Track on the walls which I love for tying off stuff and they make racks that lock into E-Track. I have a 7x14 Cargo sport which has served me well (3 years) so I went back to Pace. Summit is a great trailer with a lot for landscapers built in. Also heavy duty with 16" center floor, Triple tongue, 3/4 ply around floor and roof for fastening stuff. There are other good trailers out there, but you will not be sorry with the Summit.
  5. Newbeeee

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    What kind of venting do you have on yours. How many vents and what kind are recommended?

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Summit has 2 roof top vents and a built in flow through vent on the wall. Still gets hot when the sun is burning but not to bad. I have sat and ate lunch inside(with the back door open) and felt it was cooler in the shade inside than out in the sun.
    Buy the way I now have a 36" mower that fits next to the 48 in the front. With the 8' wide I get a 48 WB, a 36 WB, a 60 Z, and a 21" mower all in a 14' trailer at the same time and can walk around to get trimmers and such.

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