Paid more at local dealer than from Ebay....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LwnmwrMan22, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. LwnmwrMan22

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    We all know about dealers on Ebay, selling stuff extremely cheap.

    Anyways, I'm to the point in my business where I can afford to buy a backpack blower because it's orange, to match the Kubota mowers.

    I know, I know, most guys talk about what cfm, speed, whatever, and go on and on and on with specs, but I know I've been running Echo bp blowers for going on 11 years now, in business for 19 years.

    The new 755t is orange, so I thought it'd be nice to 'upgrade'. My 751 is about 4-5 years old now, a little beat up, but that's fine, it's just a bp blower.

    Anyways, there's a dealer on Ebay that'll send me one straight from Echo for $425, full warranty, receipt, there's guys on here that have bought from the dealer on Ebay.

    I called up my dealer, $500. At first, I said, okay, just wanted to give you a shot, I'll get it off of Ebay.

    I then called the local dealer back, and said, you know what, no, I'll get it from you. You've always dropped everything and fixed my stuff while I wait for it, order me one in.

    Sales guy, who's also the exec. vice president of the dealership, said, okay, to make up the difference, we'll cancel the charge for coming to your house to pick up a mower, bring it to the shop and go through to do a spring checkup for you.

    So, after all is said and done, I've actually saved myself $50.

    It pays to have a decent dealer.
  2. Richard Martin

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    It's never really occured to me to buy anything with a warranty from eBay. I had an issue with a brand new Exmark mower once and the dealer I bought it from couldn't fix it. Exmark ended up sending me to another dealer and he let it sit for a while until he decided to look at it.
  3. abuckeye

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    There are some great deals on Ebay. With that said, once you get the item and have a warranty problem with it, where are you going to take it? Your local dealer will probably work on it when they get around to it because you decided to save a few bucks and buy it somewhere else.
    I guess I am willing to spend a little more money and buy from my local dealer because I know if I have a problem, no matter how big or small, he will take care of it very quickly. I have a great relationship with my dealer and support him so he will be there when I need him.
  4. Ocalalawns

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    I purchased a new Echo shc210 trimmer from ebay only to find out Echo would not warranty it. I've seen people on ebay advertise remainder of factory warranty left. If you call the manufacture they will tell you that the warranty is only for the original purchaser.
  5. supercuts

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    i could have saved over $2000 buying my ZTR on ebay and told my dealer, he said there was no way he could compete, i said ok, ill pay the extra money and buy through and pay the extra just dont forget it when it breaks. best move i ever made, now we have an unbeliveable relationship and if it breaks he pulls his guys off what they are doing and they fix my mower. if think it may be quick i wait for it too. good dealers deserve the extra $!
  6. brucec32

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    I've bought two mowers and about 4 pieces of 2 cycle equipment new off ebay. Do the math. Do I don't worry about waiting for repairs because

    a) I have backups for everything anyway so a rush job from the dealer means little to me.

    b) My dealer has no idea who I am, even though I've bought a few major items there, they're huge. They never ask where I got something. Just for the paperwork if it's a warranty item. Conversely, I've had them be the slowest on the items I did buy there. You may get extras like delivery/pickup of your machine from a dealer, but you know somebody has to pay for that, and it's you.

    c) A toro dealer where I go gives me better service than the place where I bought the stuff. Always move to the front of the line if you're commercial. THEY have the right attitude. I'll buy my next mower there if I can. Carrot instead of stick approach.

    d) paying someone to repair cheaper items like low end 21" and most 2 cycle machines is probably not cost-effective, since they have a certain amount of breakdown and troubleshooting time that makes it worth 1/3 or more of the depreciated value of the thing, to get it fixed. They're simple enough you can fix most things yourself if you're even slightly mechanical. I barely meet that standard, and I recently saved $150 on a mower (plus 3 hours total drive time and 1/2 hour at the shop) replacing a carburator assembly rather than taking it in for a carb repair where I'd be charged for gasket kits, pins, etc, and be given back a 9 y/o carburator. Ordered it online in 5 min. Will take 5 min to slap it on and reconnect the lines and cables. Sometimes it's better to just replace an entire assembly. Save the shops for the tough jobs. Btw, the internet is great, you can find parts diagrams and order just about anything online if you study up some. Eventually you may get stuck with some parts you can't figure out, but that's when you just carry it in and have the dealer do it.

    By all means give the dealer the benefit of the doubt, and buy there, but there's not much reason I should pay $100 more for a blower in the depths of January just to support a dealer. And most of the Ebay purchases were from dealers, just not local ones.
  7. pugs

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    Interesting thought process...but if everyone followed this method there would be no local dealers to just take it in and get the right parts for you. Just something to think about there. No point for them to be in business if no one in the area is buying anything from them. And alot of the time it is not their fault as there is no way they can compete with the online pricing.

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