Paid Subsciption To Dodge Reports?


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Southern, Maine
My question is do any of you have a paid subscription to Dodge Reports? If yes do they help find you more business? We do alot of commercial propertys and are looking into expanding our company and have read in magazines that Dodge reports help locate new businesses. I was hoping to find a web site but couldnt locate one. If you look in September-October 2000 PRO magazine on page 15 top column, they use these reports and found they work well.


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southern ohio
I have been needing the same info. Went to Dodge's website, I guess it's pretty expensive unless you get some work. I had a general contractor call me for a bid on landscape installation but they didn't get the job. They had used Dodge for my area. I wish I could see a sample without coughing up 400 bucks.