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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MTR999, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. MTR999

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    You see this and you tell me how are we gonna get going further, let alone price hike to keep up with this thing! It takes us like $100+ every 3 day to fill tank and more for mowers and 2 cycle stuff!!!

  2. Classified

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    i would kill for those prices. you got it good, diesel is already $4.50 at most stations
  3. Classified

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    here is a pic i took about a month ago. The only reason I took it was because the price of diesel was the same displacement of my engine, lol

  4. MTR999

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    from Florida
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    If diesel at that $5 range, we won't be cutting for good, everybody has to raise their price out of market... How many people can sustain that?
  5. Looking at it form the customer's point of view...Prices are going up everywhere. And they're just looking for something to cut back on.

    I'm not going to draw attention to the lawncare budget with some little increase to cover fuel costs.

    Maybe later this summer if things calm down. I just hope this won't be another drought year like last year. A good year of growth will more than cover a bump in fuel cost. IF I don't loose a customer.
  6. 02DURAMAX

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    If you price right..It won't be a problem..and thats cheap for diesel its like $4.20-$4.50 Around here now
  7. 02DURAMAX

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    Hey classy what speed way is that?
  8. mouse

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    We are still in the 3:20-3:30 price range for unleaded and the 4:00 for diesel. I am not running a diesel truck or mower this year (the first time in several years) I went with a Country Clipper boss series with the 28 hp Kohler thinking that the gph will be close, It also has a 800 to 900 lb. weight advantage over my previous mower which was a Kubota ZD331.
  9. milkie62

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    That is the problem here.This is more of an economy driven business.With everything going up so crazy can't bring attention to ourselves because the cake job you may have you may lose by the homeowner buying his own mower to do it.But the big commercial job should have no problem hiding the increase in mulching,plantings etc...... On larger jobs if you used say 3 gallons at 3/gal and it goes up to 5/gal that is a $6.00 increase and 3 gallons is a decent size property.So attempt to hide it in other places.On the other hand I work a full time job and with no rise I have had to suck up the travel price increase.You may have to eat the truck fuel like the rest of us and try to recoup your mower increase costs.
  10. pinto n mwr

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    How about you guys on here that post a thread every other day figure your costs out then post a thread.

    Example: $50000 in gas last year based on $3/gal
    This year based on $4/gal would be $66,666.67 in gas if the same quantity was to be used. 30% increase WOW!!! wait a minute, lets figure this into the total picture...

    $1.2mil last year-$1.2mil this year to keep things simple...

    @ $50000/yr with $1.2mil in revenue gas is 4.2%
    @ %66666.67 with $1.2mil in revenue gas is 5.5%

    Difference of a WHOPPING 1.3%

    Yeh gas sucks, nothing you can do though. Know you costs. Become more efficient.

    ...or, be like everone else on hear and increase everone by 10%

    just my .02, wait .03 because of rising prices at the pump.

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