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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jaybird24, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. jaybird24

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    Anyone have a customer like this? Ive been doing this ladies yard for 2 yrs now. She has me push mow the yard and bag it with her mower(2hrs). She is constantly disregarding any advice I give her. She has me cut at the lowest setting every time and doesnt understand why this is a part of her weed problems. Now that my business is growing I told her I would have an employee with me each week- says she can't afford to have 2 guys there( I charge her $45/hr). No matter how I try to explain that we will do it in 1hr. so the cost is the same she says it wont work. The only reason I keep her on is she always has little odd jobs to do around the yard and spends $600- $800 a month. She pays on time, but is such a pain in the a@#. Dropping my guy off somewhere else could be an option, but I feel like she is trying to dictate how I run my business. I plan on telling her it's 2 of us or nothing but she just agreed to have me do a 30 yd. mulch job- but says she wont pay for the extra guy there. I guess I'll probably do it myself and then dump her before mowing starts. This is the only job where I do on an hourly basis- just so she cant try to get any freebies out of me.
  2. Twotoros

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    There are two ways to do things: both are your way!!!!!
  3. Runner

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    Gee whiz! Who runs your "business", her or you! Your not the 12 year old kid down the street mowing Mrs. Robinson's lawn on saturday mornings or on Thursdays after school. (Atleast I don't think) Would she tell a construction contractor, a plumber, or an electrician you can't have a helper? I mean - Give me a break! :rolleyes:
  4. tlcservices

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    whats the problem here? you get more than any national company doing **** . whats up?
  5. Kevin

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    My answer is no, I dont have any one like this customer. She spends 800$ amonth on you to do little jobs? Iwould tell her the other guy is doing the work for free, he owes you a favor! Also find out her schedule so you know when she is not home.
  6. jaybird24

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    The problem is like runner pointed out - she wants to treat me like I am the 12 yr old kid down the street- I'm 29 so that aint happening. Secondly My price is normally $40/hr which is slightly higher than the average here- but my customers are happy to pay it when they see the quality of work. I charge her $45 because the first time I showed up there and went to take my 52 stander on the yard she almost had a coronary- I had quoted her $35 over the phone. She asked how much to push mow so I told her $45/ hr- figured she would get the kid down the street- she did'nt and now here I am. Ive just never had to let a good paying customer go over something so stupid before.
  7. Nelson

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    I tell ya....... The one thing I have learned is to stick to your
    guns...... No matter how much they try to procrasinate.....

    Do not put up with the Bull........


    You were looking when U found her for a customer.

  8. Downeast

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    600 to 800 a month is a good sum of money to let go . Unless she is real a pain in the a$$ in all things concerned , I might want to keep her a round .
  9. LawnLad

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    Literally when I was 12 I took over a customer that my older brother had that was like this... she wanted the lawn cut at 1.5", but it looked like crap. I refused to do it. She called my mom and my mom tried to convince me to cut the lawn at 1.5" to keep the woman happy. I told my mom no and the customer no. Needless to say I didn't work for the old lady very long. No wonder my mother thinks I'm stubborn.

    Anyways - stick to your guns. If you know that something needs to be done a certain way - don't settle for less. Someone who wants me to sheer juniper, forsythia, lilac, viburnum, etc. will not keep me as a contractor on their property. For horticultural reasons I will refuse to do what some people ask me to do. Why? Because it's my reputation as a professional on the line.

    Now ask me if I'm willing to do commercial work. Hmmmm. Not going there tonight.
  10. Tim Baden

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    I had a lady just like her when I was running my business.She came totaly unglued when I started to unload the scag,she came running out of the house.I want you to use a push mower,so I did.Went there when she wasn't home,that didn't work she called me at 9:30 at night saying I didn't do a good job of trimming.
    She paid me right on the spot and made some awsome choc.chip cookies.
    After 2 months of this I just could
    not take it anymore so I got rid of her.

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