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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RPM 29OH, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. TPendagast

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    This is why I akways say everything should have a contract

    The reason they are multiple pages is because of these types of people.
    You ha e to cover every if, and, but, cloud, twig, hail storm, employee strike, gas shortage, terrorist attack ....
    By the time your done writing it all it’s three damn pages for a $50 now

    What do you want me to do lady? Part the Red Sea?
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  2. Mumblingboutmowers

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    What do you mean "work on equipment"? I thought we all just sat around counting our money we've made by overcharging people when we are not at a customer's yard.
  3. RPM 29OH

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    Lol oh I left that part out, how careless on my part sorry about that
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  4. Tara Ann

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    There is another LCO in town that makes that comment about my boss (a different LCO). My boss is *almost* always working on something - otherwise, he schedules off of work in advance (using the same guidelines he has for my coworkers and me). Unless people in this industry are driving to a job site, they don’t seem to do much sitting around. :laugh:

    Not sure, but I imagine you all work very hard. Even if you wanted to take the rain day to spend with a spouse, child, fishing, etc., do it! :nod:
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  5. Charles

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    If it looked(her opinion) bad after the rain it sure wouldn't look good to her, if you mowed in the rain. So you couldn't win either way with these people. I bet sonny is fired too sooner or later
  6. BMWNJ

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    I let a customer go last month over something similar. I replaced them w a higher $ lawn. She had no respect. Would leave her 2 yapper dogs out while I was mowing, wouldn't clean up the dog crap, etc. Not worth dealing with a PITA like that.
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  7. That Guy Gary

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    I guess that's one of the pleasures of being in a desert, it rarely rains enough to put the lawn at risk if we mow.

    We are fortunate to be able to mow in the rain here. :rolleyes:
  8. lawnmowingintown

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    I just recently had a problem with a customer, kind of similar situation. In Southern Texas I use to have a client she mention before "very picky and fired the last contractor".(hint- I should of just turn away). I only did 6 cuts until 4 days ago, keep in mind we had rain 3 weeks already. The next day was sunny and slightly cloudy but was good to mow. I did same job procedure on her lawn and look great even with stripes. I charge her, I have her credit card saved on my account. In the evening she comes back from work and says, "my lawn is uneven and has different heights, come to fix this or refund me back and ill search another contractor!!!!" She send pictures, is perfect cut, me and dad tried to figure out on the picture all we saw was stripes. I send a picture from my client lawn "stripping" and told her every receipt says no refunds after the job is completed.

    Whaaam she went all ballistic. I send a message, our company decided to cancel lawn services at your property, you are more than welcome to search a contractor. Then she place a bad review I reply with my defense on the review.

    Then she wanted to call the credit card company to cancel the transaction I told her "go head once I receive a call from your cc company will send the receipt and the photos".

    She even start curse even more, I just save all the texts just encase. On the next day, she still said is bad cut. We went on the afternoon not to encounter her, the yard is perfectly cut.

    This is our 3rd seasons we learn many customers personality. Once you see a demand is time to turn around, just give a higher price that way the customer turns around. Customers like this are not good for our company like was mention before in one of the post, later will bring problems. Just avoid it before.

    Do contracts if they don't accept, then just forcefully place it on each receipt. That way you can defend yourself.
  9. Mumblingboutmowers

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    Yes, this is another thing that people don't seem to understand, that the landscaper has a life too. This does frustrate me often. If it were up to the general public, I would not be allowed time for simple things like picking up groceries.
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  10. That Guy Gary

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    Landscapers have no life, budget, or bills!

    If you need something done on Saturday afternoon what's the big deal?

    The flip side is customers who don't see any problem with skipping several weeks because their kid or nephew needs to earn some money.

    "Oh Johnny cut it this week, can you come next week?"

    "Oh Johnny does a terrible job and no one will hire him so he cut our lawn again, is next week okay?"
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