Paint on Western plow......too late?

I have heard that Western had issues with paint on their plows in the past. I have a western 7.5 which is in sad shape for being only a year old or so. I bought the truck used in November......its a 2000. Do you think I can get anything done about this problem?

It looks terrible to drive a clean, new truck with a plow that looks like you stole it out of a junkyard.


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I personally have never tried to obtain any kind of warranty repair on a plow...they always seem to break when there is no one there to fix it but you seriously for the time and effort you might spend trying to get western to pay for a paint job it might be easier to go to the home depot and buy a can of stripper and a wire wheel/paint remover for your drill and some rustoleum rusty metal primer and order some western paint. To spend 50.00 of the money made plowing and spring afternoon making your plow as pretty as your truck isn't as bad as you'd think...
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If that plow is a year old, Im only 12 years old and too young to drive my plow truck. Especially if you factor in the really lame winter we had last year. Unless they left that thing laying next to the beach somewhere where the tide would roll up against and then dry out, I think someones snookering you on that year old story.

plow are painted once a year, usually in june or july (too much work in the spring) on fisher we usually have to rebuilt some coil spring shoes too. this way you're set early in the fall.

during the winter you can do some on spot touch up if necessary. We use yellow tremclad (40 $/gal. cdn money). if you have a paint gun it is easiest. Don't forget the harness

A rusty plow will be the same as you apply a snow glue on it.

and definitively there a lot of rust for 1 years of use ( even if it was in John Allin area)


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GREAT looking truck!

My plow is 19 years old, same age as truck, I had it sandblasted and painted last summer. I am sorry I didn't do the work my self, I will do it right this summer, a company that does powder coat work, asked me if I had herd of POR-15, which I had, they said use it, it will last longer, that is what 2 of their employees have done with their plows.

I talked to Western dealer today checking on a MVP plow, discussed a similar situation with them. They said to contact a dealer or Western directly, maybe you can get something done.

Do you have a friendly dealer you know close by?

If you are a member of SIMA, maybe they can give you some help, don't know I haven't joined them yet.

P.S. website for POR-15 (love the stuff)

Sorry for the long post!!


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I've got a Pro Plow 7.5 that was purchased in November of '99, and I've gotta say it looks like new. I think the finish is almost perfect. It has, untill this season when an new driver has it, been stored inside the whole time though. And I keep it waxed with turtle wax regularly.

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I have a 7.5 pro-plow,it too looks exactly the same as Mike's,and its 3 yrs old.The plow has about 30 hrs of use on it.It is rusting everywhere so bad ,I dont think ill ever buy another one.I an mot the original owner,so i dont think i am entitled to warranty.The truck was clean the owner took care of it,and gave me receipts,to the plow and every yr he had it serviced,only did his drive with it and 2 neighbors,all blacktop too.Mt 93 Fisher has never been repainted and it looks like new yet,a few chips here and there,but thats it.


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I didn't say this in my post, but if my Pro Plow looked like that, It ould be sitting on the sidewalk of my western dealer Monday morning, and something would be done about it before I left.