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Painting a Toro


LawnSite Member
I wanted to paint the Toro WB I just purchased, so I pulled the deck, spindles, etc... I was wondering if there was a cheaper substitute to Toro paint, its about $8 a can. Something that comes close, but is not orange like some of the other jobs I've seen. Toro seems like a pretty dark red.


LawnSite Bronze Member
lee's summit, mo
I think it's better to just pay the price of the OEM paint. Nothing looks worse than a cheap imitation paint job.


LawnSite Fanatic
Nothing looks worse than a cheap imitation paint job.
The use of a paint gun is much better than rattle cans also.....


LawnSite Senior Member
Dang your takin your mowers apart now? Here anyway the grass is going crazy im running all my machines sun up to sun down no time to take them apart unless they break like the walker did last week