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Painting all my equipment to match



LawnSite Senior Member
Like the idea not knocking it but what about engraving buisness name on the shaft? Quicker and still able to identify
I could identify them with the serial numbers. All of my equipment is registered for warranty.

Also, it would get scratched off. The thing is that the crackheads and homeless folks don't know that none of the brands of power equipment that I use don'y come in green. It's just not something that would stand out to these types. It also makes them identifiable if I see them on craigslist or on someones trailer.

Freaky Fido

LawnSite Senior Member
Northeast USA
Wow. Theft like that is not a thing where I am. I guess I should consider myself lucky.

I don't lock anything. I keep my handhelds in my truck bed and just make sure to close my tailgate so they're not quite as visible. I am careful not to leave tools laying out at the curb. That's asking for trouble wherever you are.

The only time that I got ripped off was my fiberglass handled hand tools while I was at home depot.


LawnSite Gold Member
I'm with Freaky. I don't have the same theft in my area. Although my stuff is always inside an enclosed trailer aside from my BP which is in the bed of the truck while i'm ont he route. When my trailer is sitting unattended when i'm not on the route it's locked if it's in public or it's sitting in my yard which is heavily guarded, muaahahhaa.